Mission Statement


It is the primary goal of Baptist Youth Mission to promote enhance, and provide youth related programs, training, and support to local, independent, Baptist churches.

To fulfill its goal, Baptist Youth Mission ail serve as an agency in creating and funding innovative youth programs, conducting laymen and pastoral training, and providing support materials and consultation that will bring long-lasting benefits to pastors an congregations world-wide.


Aiming our services toward the leadership of the local church (i.e. the pastor), ensures the most effective and efficient results. Pastoral-backed services  lend toward the most opportunities, and continued follow-up programs.

Core Guidelines

  1. The authority of and use of God’s Word
  2. The example of holy living
  3. Working within the framework of the local church
  4. No compromise or deceptive techniques
  5. Aggressiveness with the Gospel and programs

Statement of Faith

BYM believes and teaches:

  • Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures
  • BYM Evangelists use the KJV
  • The Holy Trinity
  • The Deity of Christ
  • The Virgin Birth
  • The Blood Atonement
  • The Death, Burial and Bodily Resurrection
  • His Personal Pre-Tribulation Return
  • Creating and Fall of Man
  • Total Depravity of Man
  • Salvation by Faith
  • Eternal Redemption and Salvation
  • Eternal Judgement for the Believer
  • The Local Church
  • Believer’s Baptism
  • The Lord’s Table
  • New Testament Soulwinning
  • Holiness and Separation
  • Missions

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